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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Texas 4-H Shooting Sports State Games

The annual Texas 4-H Shooting Sports State Games is quickly approaching, don't miss out!

WHAT: Texas 4-H Shooting Sports State Games is a state-level contest with rifle, pistol, muzzleloading, hunting & wildlife, archery, and shotgun events. There are a variety of events offered within each of the previously listed disciplines. All are non-qualifying events that are open to all junior through senior age divisions. The only stipulation is that each participant is required to have a thorough understanding of the events rules and course of fire, the range procedures, and the safety rules and procedures for each event in which they register. In addition, participants must have been practicing under a 4-H certified shooting sports coach. State Games is a great place to further immerse 4-H'ers in the world of Shooting Sports or to introduce them to something new.

WHERE: Rifle, Pistol, Muzzleloading, Hunting & Wildlife Events will be held July 7-12, 2019 in Manor, Texas at the Austin Rifle Club.

Archery and Shotgun Events will be held July 16-20, 2019 at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas.

HOW MUCH: There is an entry fee of $95 which will be assessed for each participant during the 4-H Connect portion of registration and will cover all events for the two week period regardless of shooting discipline. If participants are competing in Manor and San Antonio, they will only have to pay the $95 entry fee once. Archery and Shotgun participants will incur additional fees. These fees are addressed in the State Games handbook linked below.

HOW TO REGISTER: There are two steps to registering for State Games. As mentioned, registration through 4-H Connect is the first step. After you have registered on 4-H Connect, step 2 is iClays registration. As of today, (May 28, 2019 at 11:30am), iClays registration is NOT open. We will send out an announcement via Facebook and Remind when registration opens. When it is open, you will be able to register for each of the events you wish to participate in. There is detailed registration instructions on the last two pages of the State Games handbook, linked below.

For additional information on rules, eligibility, entry fees, events, courses of fire, equipment classes, and registration details please read the 2019 State Games handbook by clicking HERE. Any other questions or concerns may be directed to the State 4-H Shooting Sports office at (979)845-1214.

We hope to see you this summer!

Link to the 4-H Shooting Sports webpage:https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/projects/shooting-sports/
Link to the State Games Handbook: http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/wp-content/uploads/shooting_sports_state_games_2019.pdf

Having trouble registering on iClays?

Are you having trouble registering for State Games on iClays? Make sure to first check out the State Games handbook for detailed registration instructions. Here are some FAQ's:

  • Why can I not enroll in any of the events I want? They do not appear. First, make sure that you have entered the correct grade and age division (junior, intermediate, senior, etc). The appropriate grade level to enter is the grade the participant has just completed, not the grade they will begin in the fall. 
  • How do I enter the 4-H Connect confirmation number? The very last "event" to enroll in is where you will enter your 4-H Connect confirmation number. In the box that says "Enter 4-H Connect confirmation number in comment box", you must click the "click to enroll" button. A drop down will appear and you will then select the "4-H price" ($0). Next, under "Choose Rotation", you must select "Done ->". You will then type the 4-H Connect confirmation number into the comment box below. This will allow you to submit the registration. 
  • Why is my profile name flashing when I log back in to iClays? The flashing name indicates the profile that has already been used to either register, or begin registering, the participant. During the time period in which iClays registration is open, you may go back into your profile and adjust your desired event times as you wish. Make sure to click "Submit" after any changes are made. 
  • How do I register for Adult Sporting Clays? In order to participate in the Adult Sporting Clays you must first register for the event on 4-H Connect. The adult must be active in 4-H Connect to register. Once the 4-H Connect registration has been completed, you may proceed in registering through iClays for the Adult Sporting Clays events. Adults must also provide their 4-H Connect confirmation number in order to submit their iClays registration.
If you have any registration questions please contact victoria.saldana@ag.tamu.edu or call the Shooting Sports office at 979-845-1214

STAY CONNECTED: Be sure to stay in the loop on all things Shooting Sports by following us on Facebook @tx4hnaturalresources and subscribing to text message reminders.

For text message updates: To subscribe to State Games updates sent directly to your phone, simply text any or all of the following subscription codes to 81010.
State Games-All Updates: @4hssgames
State Games-Archery: @txarchery
State Games-Shotgun: @txshotgun
State Games-Hunting & Wildlife, Muzzleloading, Pistol, & Rifle (HMPR): @txhmpr